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At McGlashan, we are highly experienced and fully trained in providing Dulux/Avista designer Interior Epoxy Flooring finishes.
With a wide range of epoxy flooring colours and flakes to choose from there’s always the perfect colour combination to compliment your house

Dulux/Avista designer finishes are always prepared and applied meticulously by our interior epoxy flooring specialists. We take great pride in what we do so you can trust that we will deliver the highest quality result for every Dulux/Avista  job we complete.


Benefits of interior epoxy flooring 

  • Attractive seamless surface
  • Hard wearing & hygienic flooring that is easy to clean & maintain
  • Improve safety by creating a slip, impact and heat resistant flooring solution.
  • Improve brightness in a work environment that are otherwise dominated by drab concrete floors.
  • Available in a range of forms – coloured, decorative, plain, swirled and flake floors.
  • You can increase the living space in your house using epoxy flooring to turning your garage in to another living area.
 Not only is AVISTA decorative, but it is also a functional and safe surface. We are proud to offer quality AVISTA interior products that really do tick all the boxes, so Contact Us today for more information about transforming your indoor concrete surface.



For you to work out an estimate on your garage floor:

Preparation of the concrete surface (concrete machine grind) Grinding is necessary if concrete texture is uneven or concrete surface has existing sealer or paint on it.

$20.00 Square metre +GST

$30.00 Square metre + GST if surface has existing sealer or paint on it


Filling of cracks with Epoxy resin

$5.00 a Linear metre +GST


Dulux/Avista water based epoxy system in Dulux/Avista colours X 2 coats.

$40.00 Square metre +GST

Dulux/Avista Partial flake system.

$50.00 Square metre +GST

Dulux/Avista Full flake system.

$60.00 Square metre +GST


To give you an idea on your garage floor ( Every floor is different), here is an approximate cost below.

For a 40 square metre Double Garage floor.

  • In Good condition
  • A couple on minor cracks
  • Not previously painted
  • Includes acid wash preparation 
  • Requires no concrete grinding (concrete is unsealed and level)


SOLID BASE COLOUR: Apply Acid wash to prepare, 2 pac water based epoxy. Single colour form AVISTA, 2 coats.

Cost: $1,600.00 + GST


PARTIAL FLAKE epoxy system by AVISTA. Apply acid was to prepare, 2 coats water based 2 pac epoxy base colour, flake and 2 finish coats of 2 pac Urethane clear.

Cost: $2.000.00 + GST


FULL FLAKE epoxy system by AVISTA. Apply acid was to prepare, 2 coats water based 2 pac epoxy base colour, flake and 2 finish coats of 2 pac Urethane clear.

Cost: $2,400.00 + GST

# PLEASE NOTE, Dulux/Avista concrete resurfacing products can only be applied over UNSEALED OR UNPAINTED concrete. If painted or sealed,  the top surface has to be ground back or stripped to achieve maximum adhesion.

For your interior epoxy flooring finishes, we offer the flexibility to meet you at the relevant address at a convenient time for you. So please feel free to contact us through our Request a quote page or call us on our Freecall number 1800 43 13 03 or call Jon on Mobile 0434 632 224  or Paula 0408 057 330.